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You can donate any amount by sending money through mobilepay to the number: +45 93708117

Everyone deserves to be treated equally 

With and through our work we treat every person we meet with respect. At WEEA we don't focus on color, religion, gender, sexuality or status. We believe that every person has the right to education or any sort of empowerment no matter who they are.

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Your contribution could buy

  •  For only 118$ or 780 DDK you can send a child to school for an entire year.
  • For only 23$ or 150 DDK you can give a child a new school uniform and a new pair of shoes!
  • For only 8$ or 50 DDK we can buy 50 new textbooks 

In 2017 WEEA will work closer together with Blessed Junior School, to build a new school for the children. Therefore we need donations more than ever before to raise the 43.000$ needed to complete the school.  Any amount will be received with gratefulness. You can donate through different ways:

  • Donate through your bank

Sydbank: 7702 - 0004123499
IBAN: DK1877020004123499

    Donate any amount through mobilepay. The number is +45 93708117

  • Donate to the e-mail: weeaworldwide@outlook.com 

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Our Mission

We give children an education and a brighter future. We build and renovate local schools. We strengthen the local community. We empower and educate vulnerable people.


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