Let’s put an end to poverty world-wide!

Worldwide education and empowerment association

What have we made so far?

Hand out learning materials to a local school

Through both private donations and donations giving by a local school in Denmark, we were able to give a local school supplies consisting of books, pencils, coloring books amongst others. 

College program 

We came in contact with this young lady named Marion, in Mombasa Kenya, who earned her money by selling bags. The income wasn't sustainable so she often didn't have any money for food or medicine. Marion has a heart disease and needs money for her daily medicine. Marion had a dream of becoming a guide so we chose to send her to the Wassermann language college to study german for 9 months. She will be done in winter 2016. The college fee is only 1200DDK or 180$ for the nine month program. Marion has now completed the program, and because she did so well in class and on her tests, the school has decided to keep sponsoring her, so she can learn german on an even higher level!

Renovating a local school

In 2014 we renovated the school Barnabas Children Center and Missionary School. The school was falling apart, and it wasn't a safe environment for the children. The plastered walls were broken and the children had no chairs or tables and sat on the dirt. We tore the classroom down and built a new one. 

Now the children has a good and safe learning environment. They now have tables and chairs to sit on, and don't need to be concerned about their safety anymore. 

We've sent 22 vulnerable children to school

And we are heading for more! 
15 children coming from poor families have been sent to school through the sponsor program. None of them could speak english before, but now everyone of them are learning. Before being sponsored, the children spent their entire days doing nothing but keeping each other company. They didn't have a bright future and most of them, if not all of them, would not get an education.

With the sponsoring program, they now have a brighter future!