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Blessed Junior School was founded in 2014 by Amina Tola. The school is located in Kiembeni Estate in Mombasa Kenya. The school has over 80 students, 7 teachers, one cook and one cleaner. When we first began to work with Blessed Junior School in 2014, the school only had 6 students and 2 teachers. The school teaches English, Kiswahili, mathematics, home science, and sport with a pedagogical approach and in healthy child-friendly surroundings. The school has a no-punishment rule, which means that the teachers don't hit the children, as they do in many other schools in Kenya. 
Blessed Junior School offers supplementary tuition to the children after school and in the weekend. The school also offers extra classes during holidays and school breaks. The reason for this is, that many of the children are struggling in class, because of their delayed education. The school is working at it's best to give the children the best primary education, so they are able to enroll in secondary school with good results. 

In 2017 WEEA will work closer together with Blessed Junior Academy and our plan is to build a new school for the children. We have bought a plot and is now raising money to complete the buildings. The school will have all the classes required, a bathroom with 11 modern toilets, offices for the staff, a kitchen and hall where the children can do activities. The complete school will cost around 43.000$, so we are in high need of donations at this point.

What will the donations go to?

  • Building the new Blessed Junior Academy
  • Help paying the teachers' salaries
  • Buying new uniforms, books and supplies for the increasing number of children enrolling in the school
  • Buying food and snacks for the children to increase their energy level and focus in school

If you wish to donate money to Blessed Junior School click on the DONATE button at the top of the webpage.