Let’s put an end to poverty world-wide!

Worldwide education and empowerment association


Donate any amount through mobilepay. The number is +45 93708117

Donate through Paypal 

Donate to the e-mail: weeaworldwide@outlook.com 

Donate money to WEEA through your netbank. 

Donate to the account:
Sydbank: 7702 - 0004123499
IBAN: DK1877020004123499

Administration fee

Donate money with minimal administration fee!

Did you know?

If you sponsor a child, which cost 10$ or 65DDK per month only 0,25$ or 1,66DDK is administration fee!

The administration fee is used when we transfer the money to the project. 

If you want to donate money to a certain program for example the micro-loan project, please write ''Micro-loan'' when you transfer, so we can see where you want your money to go to! Remember we are working on a monthly payment solution, but for the moment it is not possible for the sponsor child program. Here you will have to pay once for the whole year, before payment is due again.