Let’s put an end to poverty world-wide!

Worldwide education and empowerment association

WEEA will invest in small local businesses through a micro-loan service. The idea is to lend entrepreneurs and small business owners money without any interest, so they can launch or improve their small company. When the company begins to earn money, the owner will pay the invested money back to WEEA by a percentage of their monthly earnings. Using the micro-loan service the investments will be sustainable for WEEA, because all of the invested money will be collected again and reinvested in other local businesses. 

For example:
A woman just quit her job as a tailor because of poor working conditions and unpaid salary. She wants to start her own tailoring company, and even owns her own sewing machine. She has a lot of customers who is waiting for her to open her business. The only thing that she is missing to start her company is the fabric. When she has the first rolls of fabric, she will be able to sew for her waiting customers, and earn money to buy even more fabric. 
Through a micro-loan she will be able to lend 100$ or 650 DDK to buy the fabric she needs to get started. When the company is running, she will slowly pay the money back, so WEEA can offer micro-loans to another entrepreneur.

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