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The perfect way to give a volunable child a bright future is to give them a sponsorship. The child will then go to Blessed Junior School in Kiembeni in Mombasa Kenya, where it will receive primary education. The sponsored children comes from poor families in the local community, and most of them don't go to school. The child will begin school already less than a week after you decide to be a sponsor.
The sponsorship not only gives the child a possibility for a better and brighter future, it also helps the entire family. Many of the children will be the first in their family to get an education, that will secure them a stable income later on. 

As a sponsor you will get
As a sponsor you will receive a document that describes the child, the family and local community with added pictures. You will receive news about the child two times a year. If you want to hear news about the child and the progress you can contact us, and we will let you know within a week. You will also be able to send a message to the child through the organisation - just contact us. 

How much does it cost?
It cost only cost 118$ or 780 DK per year to send a child to school. This include school fee, a school uniform made by a local tailor, a pair of shoes, a backpack and school untentiels. 

OBS: If you wish to sponsor a child you need to send a mail to weeaworldwide@outlook.com with your name, account information and address. We are working on a monthly payment solution, but for the moment, you will have to pay once for a full year. Then the child will go to school for a whole year, before payment is due again.