Let’s put an end to poverty world-wide!

Worldwide education and empowerment association

Worldwide education and empowerment association or WEEA is a non profit association founded in 2016 in Denmark. Our mission is to educate and empower vulnerable children and adults in third world countries.
The chairmain of the foundation and co-founder Malene Hundebøl traveled to Mombasa in Kenya in 2013 to teach at a local school and orphanage. By donations contributed from her Danish family and friends, she built a classroom for the school she worked at. The year after she went again, this time with her mother Laila Hundebøl who became co-founder of the association. On this trip Malene and Laila Hundebøl built another classroom suitable for 60 children.
At her first visit she began sponsoring a 8 year old girl living next door from her host family. The word spread by family and friends, and more people were eager to sponsor a child. The sponsor-children began to go to school, some of them for the first time, at the school Blessed Junior School which Amina Tola, who was Malenes hostmom, had started. In two years more than 15 children got sponsors and are now going to school.

Malene Friedrichsen Hundebøl, Nurse student 

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mission & vision

To fight poverty by educating and empowering volunable children and adults, and help develop and strengthen local communities.

our leadership team

Kurt V. Hansen


Christian F. Hundebøl, Teacher student 

Maiken D. Hundebøl Nurse

Foundation History

recent programs

  • Sponsoring a child or adult so that they can get an education

  • Micro-loan service for small entrepreneurs 

  • ​Improving the conditions at a local school

Laila C. Hundebøl
Social- and health assistant 

Our Chairman and founder